kdprevent™ Components and Modules

Due to its open architecture it is possible to integrate kdprevent™ into any IT environment

kdprevent™ comes with four principal technical components:

  • kdprevent compliance repository,
  • kdprevent fraud repository,
  • Analytical rule engine,
  • Workflow and case management system,
  • Reporting engine.

kdprevent™ Compliance Repository

Data from different sources are integrated into the kdprevent compliance repository and pre-processed for the analytical procedures. The system operates based on customer information, account information and transactional data.

State-of-the-art data analysis and data mining techniques alert the user based on previously unknown, but suspicious behavioural patterns, such as significant deviations from a customer’s historical behaviour.

kdprevent offers the possibility to configure, test and tune various detection techniques to fully automate their application. The history of all identified cases is systematically recorded. The product documents all interactions with the system, thus maintaining a complete audit trail.

Module overview

The kdprevent™ AML & Compliance Platform consists of the modules listed below:

  • kdlink™ – Manual, web based name checker using fuzzy logic with graphical relationship- and risk network representation;
  • kdlink™ plus – Processing of full excel lists against black list data;
  • kdmatch™ – Automated name checker with workflow- and case management system, white-listing, fuzzy logic;
  • kdresearch™ – Analytical rule engine to detect unusual, potentially suspicious activities. Best results with powerful and flexible rule engine together with the integrated compliance repository;
  • kdresearch™ plus – Fraud Repository and extended workflow- and case-management-system and extended rule engine. Preconfigured web-services.
  • kdmonitor™ – Automatic detection and interruption of suspicious transactions (e.g. SWIFT, SEPA, SIC etc.) and messages in real-time;
  • kdrisk-analyzer™ – Analysis of AML risk in real-time based on customer specific risk models. Possibility of different views and drill downs e.g. branches, units and relationship manager.

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