Support and Maintenance Services

Your key to higher service quality and cost reduction

The current conflict between innovation and cost pressure requires modern companies to perform at an increasingly high level in order to remain competitive. The IMPAQ Support and Maintenance Services (SMS) offer aims to create added value for our customers by increasing quality and efficiency. Our main goal is to minimize costs in the long run while at the same time maintaining the IT infrastructure’s risk management standards.

The IMPAQ Group has many years of practical experience in developing large and complex IT Service Management projects for well-known international companies representing the most diverse industries across Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, North & South America. With our international sites and long-standing partner networks, we can offer you individually-tailored Support and Maintenance Services solutions. Optimizing, maintaining and outsourcing legacy applications from a single source are just one of the examples of our services. Within our services we always guarantee a future-orientated and uninterrupted access to a wide spectrum of applications and data. For over a decade we have mastered maintenance procedures based on the ITIL processes, which has resulted in our ability to deliver truly professional support services.

Based on state-of-the art methodologies and technologies the IMPAQ Group makes your IT applications future-proof, leaving you free to concentrate on your core competencies. As part of our Support and Maintenance Services offer, we place a great importance on a very high standard of service and quality, so that you don’t have to worry about your IT applications in the long term.

Our main objective is to provide the best in its class services for all of our clients. On one hand we are really concentrating on our clients’ needs, but on the other hand we also put a lot of efforts into improving our own skills and developing stronger competences among the members of our service teams resulting in better quality standards.

The innovative support and maintenance services offer from IMPAQ includes the following:

  • Technical Support
  • Applications Maintenance
  • Legacy Systems Support

Customer benefits:

  • Improved service value, reliability and quality
  • Optimized support for complex infrastructures and services
  • Enhanced performance measurement based on SLAs
  • Reduction in costs and increase in efficiency
  • Risk-free and cost-efficient maintenance of legacy applications
  • Risk minimization and closure of any gaps resulting from absent or insufficient expertise

IMPAQ Group has assisted a large number of businesses in assessing, setting up and managing complex IT environments. In each case, we focused on the organization, its employees, processes and existing strengths. We look forward to bringing our long-standing expertise to your business as well and creating added value for you by accepting and implementing our Support Maintenance Service offer.


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