Mediation systems are placed between Network Core and BSS layers. This central position makes it the best point to gather Statistics and Metrics about surrounding system conditions.

As the number of Mediation integration points grows, the gathering of new and new KPI becomes challenging. It requires a lot of space and computing power.

As the KPIs challenge becomes apparent, the “compromise solutions” are usually introduced (gathering predefined aggregates, disabling less useful KPIs, limited persistence time for selected KPIs). Such compromises make the capacity planning and performance trend forecasts difficult.

MediateIT@Metrics solution

MediateIT@Metrics is solution that changes the view on Mediation KPIs. As it is powered by BigData technology, it introduces following new paradigms:

  • Collect ALL statistics you imagine every few seconds
  • Store data forever
  • Retain granular data
  • Make custom graphs on the fly
  • Plug it into your monitoring/alerting system

MediateIT@Metrics is:

  • Solution which allows to gather thousands of KPIs per second and store them in the dedicated TimeSeries storage
  • Very fast and convenient query engine allowing to generate graphs based on million data points in near-real time manner
  • Easy to deploy and configure.
  • Powered by by BigData technology
  • Solution also allows to gather KPIs from other systems – easy to integrate using existing tools.

MediateIT@Metrics solution can be also integrated with popular Mediation Platforms (Digital Route Mediation Zone (r) and NSN/Redknee Charge@Once Mediate) using custom developed plugin.


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