As signaling traffic grows in LTE networks, the Mediation/Routing solutions need to be scaled-out horizontally by adding new copies/instances of existing Mediation logic. This kind of scale-out architectures is challenging because all active instances need to share the logical state in a fast and secure manner.

MediateIT@FastCache is:

  • Distributed cache system designed especially to cooperate with Mediation Platforms.
  • Sub-millisecond performance of single read-write operation.
  • In-memory cache solution ensuring maximum safety and performance by data replication and periodical persistency.


The elements of Mediation@FastCache farm (in-memory cache instances) are based on RedisIO technology. The state persisted in the cache can be shared by several instances of Mediation modules enabling them to work in Active-Active mode.

Solution Scalability

The scalability is realized using special Hash-based algorithm providing constant access time to data. The new nodes can be added dynamically. If a cluster is extended, MediateIT@FastCache will execute cache re-balancing process during regular processing.

Solution Configuration

The MediateIT@FastCache farm can be integrated with Mediation platforms using standard HTTP/REST protocol. Cache optimization parameters, such as persistence and mirroring are defined in external Redis.IO configuration layer.

Example Use-Case

Diameter Routing (Redundant in Active-Active mode)

  • The Mediation can host copies of Diameter workflows acting as redundant Diameter endpoints in Active-Active mode.
  • As session state is shared between all running instances. Ongoing session can be continued on any endpoint in case of any mediaiton module fails.


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