Internet of Things

Internet of Things, is one of the fastest-growing market segments in the world. The increasing number of possible communication among the connected devices imply the necessity for the creation of Smart Services and Applications that can serve these needs. With IMPAQ clients will benefit from a significant reduction of the time to market for new IoT services. New ideas can be verified and put into commercial projects in a matter of weeks

in cost-effective manner. This approach brigs lots of challenges for the business logic and technical design. IoT Platform aims at covering all the business functionalities, allowing for:

  • on-line monitoring and devices remote control,
  • events analysis based on real-time and historical data
  • secure communication in the network of the devices that are monitored by independent third party devices, connected via different transmission mediums (different connectivity).

Having in mind the current challenges on the market IMPAQ focuses on a few key activities in the following areas:

  • cross-sector:
    • consulting and comprehensive support for turn key solutions dedicated for small, medium and corporate customers;
    • participation in the development of scalable platform for devices’ data processing (both in the cloud and on premise). The platform simplifies end users applications development. The platform is designed for online data processing, devices’ elastic modelling, has a built-in support for embedded  devices like Arduino, Libelium, Cinterion EGS5/5x, Raspberry Pi and many others. This allows the application provider for fast and easy modelling of the business case rather than focusing on technical challenges and impediments.
  • telecommunications:
    • implementation of above mentioned solutions at the telecom operators’ world;
    • SIM Management Platforms development and implementation for the telecom operators who will target their „connectivity” services for the Enterprise customers.

The IoT services provided by IMPAQ allow the customers of all market segments for enabling their IoT services in shortened timeframe and reduced investments within software development area.


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