IT System Support for Projects and Consulting Activities

IMPAQ has in its staff a large group of consultants specializing in various areas, among them: programmers, system architects, project managers, testers – all of them possessing a great deal of experience related to the insurance industry and other fields and being knowledgeable in various technologies. We provide our clients with the support in analytical activities, testing, programming, and the project management. This support is particularly strong in cases when the Business’s needs are greater than the potential availability of the IT departments, and it then takes the form of the T&M option.

We have also been providing our clients with the support related to areas where there was a strong need for highly qualified consultants.

Among the most interesting projects in this area there was one requiring the preparation of the IT Strategy, the projects resulting in the auditing of an application’s security, the technological auditing of a data warehouse, the implementation of the SCRUM methodology in an organization, or supplying a group of highly qualified analysts and architects to monitor the construction of the application called Insurance Liability Payment Processing.