Development of the Core Business Systems

Our main goal is the long-term cooperation with both business and the IT sectors. We are known as a reliable partner, which is able to support the business in its needs to introduce strategic changes in their day-to-day activities. In the process of software development and applications maintenance activities conducted in cooperation with our customers, we are able to transfer both the business and the technological expertise. At the same time, we retain a group of specialists who are further developing their skills and are always ready to cooperate with you as the client, and to meet your specific needs.

Our offer is particularly suitable for companies maintaining active applications, which may still be meeting the Business needs, although already require continuous maintenance. Such an approach creates an alternative to the costly and risk-prone projects of replacing the whole system.

IMPAQ is open to all forms of cooperation, including the full maintenance, which ensures the proper functioning and the development of the application via the cooperation in the area of the project-like modifications, as well as the support for both the business and the IT areas in the form of making the consultants available for the support and development activities.

Currently, we are cooperating with our clients in the project development related to the key insurance system products, liability system processing, transfer agent applications, and Investment Funds servicing.


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