Testing is one of software verification and validation methods. It helps improve the application quality and provides data, based on which rational decisions about deployment or postponement can be made. Information on test results as well as on defects found provides full data on the product quality, strengths and weaknesses. Testing process and defect analysis also helps improve the development process. In order to ensure the above advantages, one must be sure that product has undergone reliable and thorough testing based on business area understanding.

The testing aims to detect any defects as soon as possible, hence the reduced repair cost.

In line with new development methodology, software quality assurance is present at each development stage. IMPAQ has developed a well-organized and effective testing process, based on experience and know-how of the leading testing organization – ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualifications Board). As the testing has been closely linked to the development process, the tests are more accurate and the defects can be fixed much sooner.


  • We demonstrate excellent competencies in the following business areas: telecommunications, banking, insurance, energy, gambling.
  • We are experienced in quality assurance, as confirmed by numerous successfully implemented projects.
  • We offer a team of top experts – as confirmed by 12 ISTQB Foundation Level and 2 Advanced Level (test manager) certificates.
  • We offer processes, methodology and skills tailored to the large IT services suppliers.
  • We offer continues cooperation – our company has been operating for over 20 years. We have been assisting many Clients, including leading brands – for over 10 years.
  • As our team members represent various disciplines, we can designate the appropriate personnel with skills tailored to a given project specifics and business area.
  • We apply popular and well known tools, supporting test cases and test process management, bug reporting, manual and automatic test support and execution.Our analysts provide support from IMPAQ HQ or at the Clients’.
  • We continue to develop our competencies to meet our Clients’ needs in line with the estimated IT market requirements.

Our Offer:

  • Testing process planning and management.
  • Test scripts, test scenarios and test data development.
  • Tests performed at each product development stage: functional, integration, system, regression and UAT tests.
  • Automated testing: performance, load, stress and regression tests.
  • Summary reports and quality indicators.
  • Final report on software quality assessment.

Testing requires: detailed planning, consequent executions, inquisitiveness and commitment, in-depth technical and business knowledge, analytical and problem solving skills, sound judgment based on experience. As a result of testing services provided by IMPAQ experts, our Clients may be sure that the software delivered will meet quality and performance expectations while it will be delivered on time and within the budget.


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