Smart Testing Factory

SMART Test Factory is an automated, structured and cost-effective framework for any software testing. It facilitates access to testing platforms, test scripts, testing data and reduces bug reporting time. In some scenarios, it is possible to outsource the entire QA process. STF also gives Project Managers and Shareholders an opportunity to keep track of test executions and KPIs in real-time.

In the challenging market, the Customers expect high quality products delivered on time within estimated budgets. To reduce overall project costs while assuring quality, the organisation requires business-driven approach to decide, which functions and requirements are need to be tested as a priority. To meet such expectations, IMPAQ has introduced SMART Test Factory. Like in the classical factory model, the resources are divided into separate silos. Each silo is dedicated to a respective activity with specialized set of domains or testing experts.

The idea is based on S.M.A.R.T. – execution of the test scripts should be kept Simple for reproduction, give easily Measurable output, Achievable without business knowledge, Relevant to business priorities and Timely defined to help estimate overall testing time. This way, the most business- -experienced QA resources are required for the supervision and in the first stage, i.e. during the development of the test scripts.


The idea is that instead of manually assigning work to specified QA resources, the selected test executions are distributed between the groups of testers. Test priorities based on business risks help find the most critical defects in time effective manner. Optionally, the most business-critical test scripts can be automated and combined with manual regression test scripts, thus reducing the execution of regression tests.

The biggest advantages of this solution are flexibility and cost-effectiveness. If the tested product have well defined test scripts then step 1 is not necessary. Selected sets of test scripts for steps 2, 3 or 4 will be run on demand every time the product needs a QA verification. Step 5 is optional and recommended, when test automation proves cost effective for a given project. The real-time reporting allows Project Managers to track the execution of multiple tests at a time. It also gives the Developers an opportunity to act fast in case of critical defects found in the product under test.

Benefits of the SMART Test Factory:

  • High levels of repeatability and test coverage.
  • Multiple work streams.
  • Optimised use of resources with mixed level of expertise.
  • Better resource utilisation.
  • Real time ongoing collaboration.
  • Reduced testing windows during product development.

SMART Test Factory aims to reduce time to market for developed products, reduces costs of production and increases flexibility while improving quality and end-user satisfaction.


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