SkillsDB is an innovative tool that allows the user, in affordable and convenient way, to create, view and manage profiles of employees. SkillsDB allows the user to freely define competencies (skills) depending on the industry, and then search the profiles that meet the defined criteria. Key information are gathered in one place, so the search is simple. SkillsDB also allows to quickly generate a CV in an editable format.

SkillsDB is a tool that will facilitate the work of either the companies specializing in the recruitment and businesses that want to manage the competence of employees within the organization. SkillsDB application is implemented in a very flexible a way so it can be adjusted to each client needs and capabilities.

SkillsDB is offered in two models:

license – that is installed on the customer’s operational environment. The model isproposed to organizations that wants to have control over the application environment,or cannot use external application services.

service (SaaS) – provided only as an access to the application running on the provider’s environment. This model is proposed for recruitment agency and does not require having own IT infrastructure that manages a database of profiles. The only requirement is to have access to the Internet and the application can be used 24 hours a day from any location.

Examples of use:

  • The study of competence in the company – the results are available in a few minutes.
  • Simple matching candidates to the requirements for the position.
  • Access to the selected profiles in a few seconds.
  • Quick filter and search the database of profiles.
  • Easy to find someone with the expected experience and competence.
  • Change the format of CV employees/candidates now it only takes a moment, there is no need to engage in it all the staff.
  • Convenient access to the application by the eligible employees of the company via the Internet.

Key benefits:

SkillsDB is a comprehensive approachto your needs:

  • Convenience – you only need access to the Internet (in SaaS model) – without having to install.
  • Accessibility – SkillsDB is available in any minute, on every computer,from any location.
  • Simplicity – friendly interface, intuitive use.
  • Standardization – Sorted, uniform data collection based on dictionaries.
  • Time and cost savings – fast data entry and accurate search.
  • Security – accessible only for authorized users, SSL certificate.


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