Management Information System

Business Intelligence is a process that aims to provide support to make key decisions for the company. This is done by collecting and storing data from different business areas, including the various core systems or operational working in the organization. The data are typically stored in a single data warehouse. On this basis performed a detailed analysis and reports are generated, containing information about a specific level of detail. IMPAQ as part of its offer proposes an analysis, adaptation and implementation of the MIS system, adapted to the needs of the customer.

Architecture / Technology:

The system is based on technology Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Power Data warehouses are downloaded from SharePoint, Excel and flat text files using SSIS packages. The sources of powering service report is an OLAP cube and data warehouse directly.



System of a report allows users to generate ad hoc reports based on OLAP cubes, which works in the service analytical technologies MS Business Intelligence (SSAS).Users have possibility to use pre-defined reports that work in the service reports (SSRS) and are available by the website. By using the Microsoft BI technology, users are able to create their own reports without any programming specific knowledge, thus affecting the ease of using the system, unprecedented in other IT solutions.

Management dashboard in a transparent way, with graphical presentation of the data, shows the current condition of the company and the progress of the scheduled tasks. This makes it a perfect solution for management staff to quickly acquire and compare relevant data. Implementation of the analytical and reporting system may affect a significant increase in efficiency and comfort of work, as well as contribute positively to the performance of the people working in the related controlling.


IMPAQ provides support in maintaining application by:

e-mail: supportBI [at] impaqgroup [dot] com

phone: +48 61 62 49 000

On request, we enable error handling by a bugtracker applications such as JIRA