IT Outsourcing

Companies are looking for savings, but worries about the risks and cultural barriers involved in offshore outsourcing could benefit from outsourcing and especially nearshoring. Nearshoring involves outsourcing work to companies with the economic benefits of an offshore location, but a closer cultural, linguistic and geographic fit with the user organization.

Our Nearshoring Services

IMPAQ is an international provider of IT outsourcing services with its development centers in Warsaw and Poznan, Poland.The nearshore development teams is a cohesive group of professionals who work for you for a fixed monthly fee in one of our offices in Poland. Because we are located inside EU it is very easy to travel to any UK location if needed. All technical infrastructure and communication facilities are at your disposal for an extended period of time. The professionals precisely match your IT with business requirements. Their work is transparent and easily manageable as Customer have full control over the human resources. We are providing the following services in the nearshoring model:

  • Outsourcing individual Developers
  • Outsourcing Development Teams managed by the Customer
  • Outsourcing Development SCRUM Teams (including SCRUM Master)
  • Outsourcing Testing Team



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