Digital Pen – Optimization of Hard Copy Documents Flow

The automation of processes, which require filling out of the paper form is currently possible thanks to the digital option solution. The digital pen makes it possible to write on the form and at the same time store the data in the electronic file.

This solution can be applied in all these situations where manual filling out of paper forms is still required, and the data written on the form needs to be transferred as soon as possible into the application system with the purpose of triggering the process of saving all the data written on the document.

As part of the presented solution, IMPAQ is also providing a full support in the area of pattern forms preparation, the implementation of a system to recognize and to transfer the collected data into the client’s databases in order to automatically trigger the processes.

Our Offer:

  • Shortening of time needed for purchasing a product
  • Automation of the process to enter data into the IT repositories of a company
  • The optimization of the performance and the reduction of cost incurred by the sales department
  • The optimization of the process of data transfers and document archiving
  • Supervising and verifying of an employee activities and performance
  • Shortening of time used for customer’s assistance without compromising the quality of service


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