Automating and Optimizing Processes

Competitive Management in any modern organization is based on the process model where all of the subsequent steps are fully defined, optimized, verified, and measured, but after all, they are well known to the employees.

Business processes are the basis of a modern enterprise. The operating costs of a company, its flexibility, and indirectly the satisfaction of its clients are dependent on the manner in which these processes have been defined and optimized. The solutions implemented by IMPAQ are intended to optimize the costs of internal processes, and are usually achieved by introducing a system of the task flow available on the portal and by facilitating the access to data and the communication between employees.

Our Offer:

  • Optimizing business processes via shortening the decision time and the access to data
  • Assuring data integrity, precision and transparency of data during the process
  • Reducing the use of paper applications by replacing them with electronic versions
  • Optional verification by the management of the processes’ performance
  • Monitoring of the key processes in the enterprise


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