Archiving and Decommissioning of IT Applications

Each application goes through same lifecycle, consisting of 3 phases: preparation and development of application, maintenance and changes suitable to actual user requirements in production environment and extinction, as a result of decreasing business value.

It often happens that, application becomes useless, as a result of the strategic reorganization, consolidation, merger or acquisition. The other reason of the application “retirement” could be also outdated, archaic technology, lack of support from producer or high maintenance costs. In all of this cases organizations decide to replace the old IT systems, through data migration and decommissioning of old IT systems.

Solutions offered by IMPAQ

MPAQ offers: consulting services (evaluation of solution and technical preparation), activetes in Client’s environment, including data extraction, transfer, loading, archives parameterization, and also implementation services, such as entering the production environment, or cut off the old systems and data. Based on the vast experience in migration and decommissioning of the “legacy” systems IMPAQ adjusting the offer to the actual Client’s requirements and needs. The initial phase of the A&D project always includes in-depth analysis of types and parameters, which are necessary for effective retrieve data to be archived. Data transfer may come from one or many sources such as: screen shots, reports, data sources of business applications or mixed model.

The result of the A&D project conducted correctly is IT environment enabling in effective and fast way to access to archived data. The advantage of this approach in relation to traditional methods (ex. Screen shots of all of the windows) is central data search engine compatible to parameters set in the analysis phase.

A&D process realization scheme

  1. Full and long-term archiving compatible with the audit trail
  2. Access to data compatible with the original search interface and an optional report generator
  3. Decommissioning of legacy applications, client computer hardware sales, cancellation of licenses and maintenance contracts.

Key benefits

With long-term data archiving, customers can replace outdated applications providing savings and reducing risk.

  • Reduced maintenance costs while ensuring return on investment (ROI).
  • Compatibility with the legal requirements for data retention.
  • The release of internal resources and become independent from the knowledge requirements of the legacy systems.
  • The possibility of choosing the most appropriate way to maintain the archives.
  • Keeping the possibility to the easy and efficient retrieval


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