Portals and Mobile solutions

For more than 20 years IMPAQ has been specializing in designing and constructing solutions for the banking sector.  The expert knowledge and the professional team introducing innovative solutions provide the assurances of fulfilling even the most demanding client needs. At IMPAQ we do understand that banks these days are trying to a larger degree to understand the specific needs of their customers and to offer them well-suited and dedicated solutions.  By doing this, the banks manage to create a competitive advantage over other financial institutions.  That is why the solutions which are tailored to specific needs are now gaining a slightly newer meaning.  In closely cooperating with experts from those banks, IMPAQ is able to build in relatively short time a customized solution, which is always focused on the client and takes into consideration its ever changing needs and the position on the market.

Banks have been available via internet for years now, therefore they have been naturally following the internet’s development and using its potential to further enable the channels of cooperation and communication with a client.  IMPAQ understands perfectly well that the customers of today have to be provided with the timely and secured service.  The customers are willing to use mobile solutions because, based on conducted surveys, it turns out that one personal item that we carry with us more often than a wallet is indeed the mobile telephone.

Some of the sample IMPAQ’s solutions designed for the banking sector are listed below:

  • Business Process Management & SharePoint
  • Dedicated Portal Systems
  • SIZ – Management Information System
  • JoinOut – new communication channel
  • Digital Pen
  • Sending text messages (SMS)


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