IMPAQ’s Strategy in Banking

Since 20 years IMPAQ supports development of the banking sector in Europe, which is one of the most computerized sectors in the world and the most innovative one on financial market. Within the years IMPAQ had a pleasure to observe what kind of requirements this market which is full of expectations, to understand the needs of the Banks as well as constantly changing needs of their customers. Some of our solutions, such as kdprevent, have been created and still are being developed, tailored to current law regulations and internal needs of the Banks. Our cooperation with customers through the years, basing on the dialogue and searching for common solutions has taught us a lot. In addition to that, IMPAQ is a member of Banking Technology Forum at the Polish Bank Association, where participates in the works of working groups verifying innovative solutions for the Banking sector.

Business areas of our focus:

The foundations of business areas.

The above mentioned business areas are being implemented by the team of IMPAQ specialists, who adjust implementation model to Customers’ individual needs. It can be implementation in Cloud Computing model and are often application considered as Business Intelligence. All our solutions are of a high quality thanks to the numerous group of our specialists, who know well how to test and verify the application to render solutions provided of the highest quality possible. Thanks to that IMPAQ often acts as a specialist and advisor to the internal IT of the Banks building undeniable position in relation to internal customers. Already in the stage of software development process we involve people, who later will be responsible for the maintenance of the solution, which provides tremendous sense of security for the Banks, who are perfectly aware of the importance of this issue. Moreover, we provide complete solutions and we are taking responsibility for them – we are provider both of the software as well as the hardware infrastructure. As a professional advisor to our Customers we are also able to spread the payments for such projects in time, as we are cooperating with leasing companies. It allows a return on investment within the project duration,  because the costs are distributed in time.


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