Next Generation Services and Platforms

Core Network Services and Operations Support Systems (OSS)

IMPAQ has been providing unique solutions for telecommunications operators for over 10 years. Our experts cooperate with leading mobile telephony operators on diverse international markets for many years. IMPAQ has developed a highly sophisticated know-how for telecommunications system development and maintenance. Moreover, our expertise includes the development and maintenance of billing platforms, data warehouses and networks as well as service performance.

Our services within this competence area include:

  • Development and planning of solutions, which require excellent knowledge of the specifications and the network protocols.
  • OCS platform related solutions
  • Performance Management – including raw data gathering and processing, data preparation for analysis, KPI formulas and network performance report development.
  • Service Quality Management – based on the extensive experience in network performance monitoring IMPAQ offers solutions supporting effective service quality monitoring.
  • High-capacity and high availability subscriber profile database development – based on catalogue services, IMPAQ has designed and developed platforms supporting continuous access to subscriber information.
  • MVNO/MVNE dedicated solutions – AAA, NGHLR, OCS platform development and cloud services.

Next Generation IN – your technological edge

The network service model remained unchanged for many years – it was a closed model which was often limited to IN platform providers, hence perceived as expensive and inflexible. The new model is completely different and can be characterized as an open platform developed based on JAIN SLEE specifications that supports effective network services. The IMPAQ experts have developed a variety of solutions for IN platform for providers, such as Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia Siemens Networks or OpenCloud. In addition, over the past few years we have become one of the few providers to implement more and more network services based on new generation platforms such as:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Virtual Private Network for IMS (VPN for IMS)
  • SMS Charging Gateway
  • Home Network Routing
  • Home Zone

Our services within this competence area include:

  • Open platform network service development
  • JAIN SLEE specification based services
  • Comprehensive service testing – manual and automatic
  • NGIN platform adapters development and implementation
  • NGIN platform installation, configuration and maintenance,
  • Migration of existing services to NGIN platforms

Since 2010, IMPAQ has been the official partner of OpenCloud Ltd., and as such, has enjoyed full support in the field of R&D, service implementation and training.

4G/LTE – Advanced Mobile Network Solutions

Over the last two years we have observed intensified 4G technology infrastructure developments. Based on the constantly growing market demand we focused on building up core competencies in the area of 4G/LTE. Consequently, IMPAQ has become an expert in realizing pioneer projects involving the existing and new 4G/LTE technology services.

Our services within this competence area include:

  • Network services based on SIP and IMS platform
  • Migration or modification of existing NGIN services in terms of integration with IMS
  • Integration of NGIN platform with IMS platform.
  • Solution development based on additional specifications, e.g. 3GPP GAA or SMS over IP for IMS platform


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