IMPAQ will participate in the first annual Restconn event on May 23rd – 25th in Praha (Czech Republic). The event aims at Mobicent / Telestax / Restcomm community & user group gathering, sharing the newest development roadmap of the platform and the user stories. This will be great opportunity of deployment best practices listening from other organizations (like Google, Unifonic and NTT) and also proactive sharing of IMPAQ own experiences in this domain. We kindly invite you to join the event and arrange for the direct live discussion with our development experts of next generation services.

Should you be interested in technology deep diving, please feel free to contact:

Marcin Mizgalski
Telco Sales Manager at IMPAQ Group
email: marcin [dot] mizgalski [at] impaqgroup [dot] com

Marek Nowacki
Telco & JainSlee Consultant at IMPAQ Group
email: marek [dot] nowacki [at] impaqgroup [dot] com


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