kdprevent™ Web Fraud Protection

There are more and more customers using internet and mobile banking services. According to the Polish Bank Association, in 2015 the number of online access bank accounts exceeded 30 million (NetB@nk Report, 17-12-2015).

All such customers are exposed to hackers.  kdprevent™ Web Fraud Protection strengthens the verification process by using the information on the environment, from which the customers issue bank transaction instructions. The solution builds user and device behavior profiles and helps detect suspicious transactions. The solution also addresses the online payment safety recommendations, e.g. with respect to the transaction tracking and monitoring.


  • Fraud prevention by transaction analysis at business level and communication with the customer’s device
  • Customer behavior profile used to increase processing effectiveness
  • Fraud prevention based on geolocation mechanisms
  • Detection of malwares in the customer’s browser during transaction ordering


  • Bank user profile building to detect unusual behaviors
  • Simultaneous tracking of multiple client applications
  • Application processing based on geolocation data
  • Transaction device fingerprinting and suspicious device database maintenance
  • User activity analysis


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