Risk Management

Thanks to scalable architecture based on the open data model and flexible analysis mechanisms, kdprevent™ AFS allows the user to go beyond narrow detection of specific fraud types and expand into general risk management areas. The solution consolidates both positive and negative information on customers, accounts, transactions, products (including loan products), employees and other business objects to create central data repository for monitoring of key risk related to banking activities.

Database of suspicious incidents (BIZBCB), which records the information on individuals, businesses and events outside the context of customer service systems. It prevents establishing any relations with undesired customers. In case of the existing individuals or business customers, the solution allows for reversing of the standard process, under which the suspicion is based on data analysis. Based on the confirmed fraud information, from external sources for example, the solution allows to search own customer population and generate related checks. In cases that require notifying law enforcement bodies or those arising from inquiries of such authorities, the solution keeps the correspondence register, supports correspondence management and structuring.

The solution also provides ongoing data analysis and monitors risk levels associated with a wide variety of processes and operations. Thanks to detailed transaction data as well as long time horizons, the solution helps detect issues and dependencies, which are undetectable in the case of point interactions (e.g. loan application filing or online money transfer) or processes’ SLAs do not allow for a thorough analysis. In the course of    daily data processing, kdprevent™ AFS automatically implements complex rule sets, based on which it then generates alerts with respect to usual and known fraud mechanisms.

In addition, analysts may independently define ad-hoc own schemes, which will effectively detect unusual events, even one-off, and help undertake unusual actions and detect dishonest customers or employees before they can make irreversible damages.


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