kdprevent™ Anti Fraud System

It is fairly straightforward to prevent external threats, when you are equipped with appropriate tools, processes, data and roles in the organization. However, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Just one employee acting to the detriment of his/her employer may cause great damages. In order to prevent such risk the remaining areas and mechanisms need to be strengthened continuously. kdprevent™ Anti Fraud System (AFS) is just the right answer.

kdprevent™ Anti Fraud System is a set of tools that address two and frequently linked internal fraud types, i.e. fraud against customers (e.g. theft of funds) and fraud against organizations (e.g. company credit card abuse). Due to the fact that fraud is committed by a trusted person with easy access to the sensitive data, each crime type causes the risk of huge financial losses, data breach, loss of reputation, customers and their funds.


  • Protects against external threats
  • Consolidates employee behavior data linked to customers’ transactions
  • In-depth analysis of employees’ activities
  • Effective mechanisms of linking data items
  • Flexible management of detection mechanisms
  • Support for case management process

Option to expand the range of analyzed fraud types


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