Fraud Consulting

Our goal is to provide support at every antifraud system development stage and for every antifraud model. We provide ready-made solutions and, acting in the advisory capacity, provide support to our clients in architecture or custom system development. We provide our know-how and experience as well as the experience of independent experts, who have worked for the competition. We support our clients in the following areas:

Fraud Analysis

  • Internal data analysis
  • IT architecture review in terms of fraud protection
  • Business process review
  • Development of the rule set for internal and external fraud protection
  • IT recommendations
  • Business process recommendations

IT Implementation

  • Enterprise fraud management solution implementation
  • Integration with sector wide anti-fraud IT platforms
  • IT and business consultancy for credit bureaus or service provider offering sector anti-fraud solutions


  • Managing fraud risk in your organization (training for the fraud teams)
  • Application fraud prevention methodology and tools
  • Legal aspects of fraud management
  • Specific individualized training for clients who implement anti-fraud IT solutions

Skills and Experience

  • Best Practice in Credit Risk and Fraud Management.
  • Data Analysis and development of fraud detection rule set for different business sectors.
  • Consultancy and professional support for the fraud, credit management and underwriting teams in various business sectors.
  • Legal Support and training for the application of Data Protection Law and information Security.
  • Business and IT support for credit bureaus and service providers who want to establish a fraud prevention tool as a service.
  • Implementation of Enterprise Fraud Prevention Solutions in addition to anti-fraud solutions dedicated to an industry sector.


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