Machine to Machine and Smart Services

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Machine To Machine, Smart Services, Big Data and Cloud Application Development

Machine to Machine (M2M), also known as Internet of Things, is one of the fastest-growing market segments in the world. The increasing number of possible M2M use cases imply the necessity for the creation of Smart Services and Applications that can serve these needs. With IMPAQ clients will benefit from a significant reduction of the time to market for new M2M services. New ideas can be verified and put into commercial projects in a matter of weeks.

Leveraging years of expertise in the M2M domain, IMPAQ has created a highly scalable cloud based platform for enabling Smart Applications. This solution enables M2M service providers to easily deploy brand new applications and integrate their devices. Functions like device inventory, device remote control, data collector, data storage, events and alarms are available out of the box . The platform has a built-in support for embedded  devices like Arduino, Libelium, Cinterion EGS5/5x, Raspberry Pi and many others. Dedicated/domain specific  SDKs in J2ME and C/C++ for Telematics and Vending Machines are also provided.

Smart devices can produce plenty of data. All sensors, meters, switches and appliances are useful only when the data produced by these devices can be processed in quick and efficient way. At this point Big Data comes into play. In collaboration with a leading mobile operator IMPAQ has created a solution for network traffic analysis utilizing a parallel data processing concept which is based on Apache Hadoop MapReduce. IMPAQ´s know-how in this area is additionally proven by diverse certificates (eg. Cloudera – certificates Developer for Apache Hadoop).

Customers’ demand for verifying new business ideas and turning them into scalable services in fast and cost effective ways. This requires solution providers to employ new approaches for software development – creating cloud-native applications . The experience IMPAQ gained within the development of applications running in Amazon WS and Rackspace Cloud environments  allows us to design and build such applications, ensuring customers’ growth will not be failed due to costs of future developments.


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